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NEDCRANES supplies new cranes and components from the global brand GH Cranes & Components, such as overhead cranes, hoists, jib cranes and gantry cranes. NEDCRANES is official dealer for the Netherlands.

For the delivery of container cranes, port cranes, process cranes and other type of cranes from other brands, please check our webpage modernizations. We can modernize lifting cranes to the latest state-of-art.


  • shipyards; marinas;
  • aerospace; automotive; railways;
  • steel constructions; steel handling; steelworks; foundry;
  • renewable energies;
  • container crane; stone handling; concrete precast;
  • paper mills;
  • public works;
  • waste management.

New products GH Cranes & Components

For delivery of new overhead cranes, jib cranes, gantry cranes and hoists in the Netherlands, NEDCRANES is the official dealer of GH Cranes & Components.

With more than 60 years‘ experience in the sector, GH Cranes is one of the top European companies in the lifting and hoisting industry and is known for their high quality and use of innovative techniques. The products that GH offers for various sectors are designed to offer customers maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

GH understands better than anyone that innovation is necessary to be able to follow the ever-changing world and goals of customers. That is why GH applies the most modern design technologies and the most sophisticated production technologies. GH supplies products for a wide range of industries, such as concrete or stone handling, the aerospace industry, paper mills, windmill assembly, steel handling and steel works.

Quick delivery!

Nedcranes has short lines with GH which means that we can deliver quickly. Standard cranes and/or hoists have a delivery time of 1-2 weeks!!!!! Check with us! We will inform you within a few hours about the possibilities and the exact delivery time!

Delivery load handling devices

NEDCRANES also supplies load handling equipment for these cranes, such as a lifting bar, lifting clamp, magnetic clamp, chains, syrups, lifting yoke, vacuum lifter, C hooks, pallet hooks, spreaders, grabs or connections for electrical, air or hydraulic equipment.

Further we provide fully automatic control and semi-automatic controls for these overhead cranes, equipped with positioning via barcode readers, RFID, lasers and other reliable and safe measuring systems.


Of course we also provide service and maintenance on GH products. However, in case of problems with another brand or another type of crane you always may contact us for repairs, inspections or maintenance. We have an experienced and skilled service team.


If you are considering to buy a new crane, we can help you to find the best possible solution. We have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area.

We are familiar with many types, brands and techniques. Therefore we can offer you a competent and independent advice. Everything is possible. From the delivery of completely new cranes to the modernization and overhaul of existing cranes to new ones. We also supply parts and accessories.


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