Relocation and modernization Aumund-containerkraan

NEDCRANES was commissioned by ROC Waalwijk to dismantle, relocate, modernize and rebuild a used Aumund container transhipment crane at the inland port of Waalwijk (Netherlands). The used Aumund container crane was used for years at the Contargo container terminal in Frankfurt am Main and has been dismantled by NEDCRANES at this location. The crane was transported to the inland harbor of Waalwijk by inland vessels. In Waalwijk, NEDCRANES modernized the crane and provided new drive and control technology to give the crane a second life. Modernization included the replacement of the gearboxes, electric motors, frequency controllers and PLC systems based on the latest technology available. The conservation of the crane has also been renewed. The thermal lance for removing the old shafts was desperately needed. The crane is equipped with new axles and bearings. The renewed crane is operational at ROC Waalwijk.