Repair folding rail transition gantry crane Stork

For the bulk transshipment company OBA, NEDCRANES renewed the new manganese rail transition parts of the folding transition of the Conrad Stork crane trolley travel system. The grouting has been removed, milled and equipped with a steel filler plate. Furthermore, the rails are rounded by grinding to create a smooth trolley rail transition. Mobile milling, mobile in-line boring and circular welding is work that Nedcranes regularly carries out at the various bearing holes or support surfaces of the various cranes.

NEDCRANES takes care of:

  • Performing inspections and inspections;
  • Performing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical repair work;
  • Modernizing outdated drives and safety equipment;
  • The installation again complies with the current safety standards and guidelines;
  • Buying and selling used cranes;
  • The supply of parts for old(er) and new crane installations of all types and brands;
  • Providing advice and consultancy in the field of hoisting equipment and cranes.