your specialist for
port cranes, overhead cranes & gantry cranes


  • electrical, hydraulic and mechanical repairs;
  • inspections, damage inspections and assessments;
  • total maintenance on request or contractual;
  • calculations, such as residual life calculations;
  • 24/7 on call service;
  • modernization of lifting cranes, outdated drive systems and safety features;
  • parts supply for old(er) and new lifting cranes of all types and brands;
  • advice and consultancy in the field of lifting equipment and cranes;
  • purchase, sale and brokerage at used cranes and related equipment;
  • delivery new equipment.

Extensive range of high-quality field services and deliveries

NEDCRANES is an internationally active service company and specializes in construction work, drive technology and electrical systems. We are involved in all kind of activities around lifting cranes, lifting equipment and drive systems for the transhipment of bulk goods or containers and process cranes.

We supply turn-key solutions for many brands and types of cranes, such as container cranes, grab cranes, gantry cranes, mobile harbour cranes, process cranes and shipyard cranes. NEDCRANES can repair, overhaul, modernize and maintain lifting cranes. We can also carry out relocations or demolitions of cranes.

With an extensive expertise and high quality in the field of repair, maintenance and modernization of all brands and all types of port and process cranes, NEDCRANES now has a large number of satisfied customers. We are brand-independent, including Figee, Drackenburgh, Nelcon, KCI Konecranes, ZPMC, Krupp, Groot Hensen, Demag, Aumund, Noell, Verlinde, Abus, Lemmens, Kocks en KSR.

For new hall cranes, such as overhead cranes or jib cranes, you have come to the right place. We deliver, install and service GH Cranes. NEDCRANES is dealer of products from the standard range of the well-known brand GH Cranes & Components in the Netherlands.


Container Hijskraan Katrijd Rails RTG Modernisering
Container Hijskraan Katrijd Rails RTG Modernisering
Container Hijskraan kraanrijd Rails RTG Modernisering Bogies
Container Hijskraan Katrijd Rails RTG Modernisering
Container Hijskraan Kraanrijd Rails RTG Modernisering bogies
Remote Operating Container Hijskraan Modernisering
Container Hijskraan Kraanrijd Rails RTG Modernisering Uitlijnen



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Lifting cranes

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Service from NEDCRANES

For your business continuity it is essential that your crane system is functioning properly. NEDCRANES fully understands this. Downtime is a disrupt to your production process. However, not only the crane system has to be in good condition, also the lifting equipment and drive systems must be in order to work continuously and safe. NEDCRANES provides turnkey solutions and is brand-independent. We always focus on your interests and needs. Therefore all services we provide are customer-specific.

We can repair, maintain, modernize your lifting crane and also relocate cranes. With a periodic inspection we can identify and list possible (future) problems and provide you with a customised advice (without obligations). A deeper examination (for example, testing on construction level) is also an option. Possible defects can be repaired by us expertly. When a more extensive modification is desired or needed, we can also adjust and modernize your crane system. In case of a malfunction, you can contact our service department 24/7.

Further, we also mediate in the buying and selling of used cranes and we supply equipment and parts. Parts can be standard or custom-made. Used crane can be adjusted and modernized to your wishes, when the specifications do not exactly match.