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NEDCRANES supplies among others magnetic couplings, drum couplings, pin couplings and fluid couplings, both new and used. Some brands are Pencoflex, PTP, KTR, etc. A broad variety of couplings are possible, Nedcranes makes sure that the choice of coupling is optimized to your powertrain.

A magnetcoupling is applied in drives that must be hermetically sealed. A leakage may have catastrophic consequences for the well-being of engineer or operator.

A drum coupling is compatible in many different brakemotors because this coupling can carry a high torque rating. Also applied in wire rope drums.

Bin and bush couplings are a reliable part in a process where optimal torque transmission is crucial, these couplings are applied in heavy-duty solutions.

A fluid coupling is applied in rotating solutions, solutions as cable reeling systems and crane wheel applications. A slow and steady start is why this part is a turn-key solution.

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