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Our service coordinator will send the right service technician, who may be a mechanical engineer, an electrician or a PLC or drive expert, to you to localize and solve the problem.

Our expert service team solves unplanned downtime

NEDCRANES has an expert service team and fully equipped service vans to help you directly on location.

Our service department is at your service 24/7. We can react quickly and have the knowledge and resources to resolve your unplanned downtime as quickly as possible. Our specialists are well-trained and experienced in their field, in electrical and/or mechanical engineering.

If required, NEDCRANES can provide all the equipment required for the repair, such as tower wagons and mobile cranes. We also arrange the parts that may need to be replaced or repaired.

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From unplanned to planned downtime

Would you like to reduce the risk of an unplanned production stop? If so, then enter into a maintenance contract with NEDCRANES.

Possible defects can then be identified and resolved at an early stage, before the crane really fails.
It is also advisable to have your crane installation inspected at least once a year.

Would you like more information about the possibilities? Then check our maintenance or inspection webpage or call us. Or fill in the mail form on the right, and we will contact you, without obligation.

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