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New grabs, repair of grabs
or spare parts

We supply new grabs, but for the repair of grabs or for spare parts you are at the right place at NEDCRANES also. Whether it concerns orange peel grabs, motor grabs or other types, we can be of service to you. Our technicians can help you with welding, replacing cylinders or electric pumps, as well as cable drums or plug connections. All types of grabs or brands, such as Peiner SMAG, NEMAG, Verstegen, J&B or TGS, can be repaired by us.

We can help you out with grabs for specific applications also, such as grabs for bulkcranes of waste to energie WTE plants for example. We can supply, install and maintain all kinds of lifting equipment for your crane. For example spreaders or a weighing system on a grab crane. We always find a suitable solution for your lifting requirements and we will take care of the delivery and the installation.

Do you need spare parts,
lifting equipment or service?

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