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Maintenance contracts

Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your lifting crane

With a maintenance contract at NEDCRANES:

  • your crane remains safe and in good condition;
  • the chance of malfunctions will be reduced;
  • you comply with the applicable legal requirements;
  • you have better control of maintenance costs.

A well-functioning crane

Regular maintenance of your crane installation by a specialized and professional company is very important to keep your crane installation in good condition and to function safely. By concluding a maintenance contract with Nedcranes, you get a well-maintained crane installation at all times, failures are prevented and your crane complies with recent guidelines and standards. Regular and expert maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your crane, contributes to an energy-efficient consumption and results in a better control of your maintenance costs.

Brand and type independent

NEDCRANES carries out predictive maintenance and regular inspections on many types and brands of cranes and installations. Known names are Figee, HMC, NDC, Aumund, KSR, Bollegraaf, Van Haagen, Krupp, KCI Konecranes, Conrad, Holec, HMA, Demag and Abus.
You can also contact us for automatic stacker cranes, pallet cranes and roller tracks systems.

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Maintenance services

We offer the possibility to monitor your cranes remotely by our remote service department NRCC through GSM, LAN or WLAN. This will prevent the occurrence of any malfunctions at an early stage and – if possible – malfunctions can be solved remotely. For more information see link.

In addition, we can list an inventory of the availability of the required parts for your crane to take the crane’s availability to the required level.

You can also contact us for cable drums for the power supply and operation of container spreaders and hydraulic grabs. We carry out maintenance and inspection on low-voltage and medium-voltage cable drums for a scheduled shutdown of your crane installation.

It is also important that the crane and guide wheels are aligned properly, to prevent flange wear or breakdown. NEDCRANES can be of service here also.

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