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Many Visitors At The Open Day Of Nedcranes

Many visitors at the open day of Nedcranes

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Many visitors at the open day of NEDCRANES

Despite the rainy and cold weather, the open day organized by NEDCRANES on Sunday, September 23, for customers, suppliers and employees was well attended and thus very successful. It was the first time since the move in January 2017 that NEDCRANES opened the doors of its location at Duikerweg in Waalwijk.

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Eye catcher was a large container transhipment crane that is currently being worked on. A used crane of 41 meters of track width, which has been dismantled at the old location and will be rebuilt at a new location. NEDCRANES shortened the crane with 14 meters for working on another track and is electrically, mechanically and hydraulically fully modernized.

New parts were shown in the assembly hall and a test setup was built up. A company presentation and a film about our engineering process could be seen at the office. Also the inner man wasn’t forgotten. It was a nice gathering with music and food trucks, which ensured that everyone could stay warm.