Modernization container crane Barge Terminal Tilburg (GVT)

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Modernization container crane Barge Terminal Tilburg (GVT)

Again GVT Group of Logistics invested in an improvement of Barge Terminal Tilburg. After Nedcranes’ modernization of one of the two container cranes a few years ago, Nedcranes B.V. has now given the second crane a complete mechanical and electrical modernization too. With this modernization, this crane now fully operates to the current standards again.

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Preparatory work has been carried out in Nedcranes’ workshop in Waalwijk. Such as overhauling the crane travelling bogies and replacing the bearings. On site the motors and the gearboxes have been dismantled and inspected and the container crane has been rebuilt again.

The electrical part has been completely redesigned and renewed. New electrical panels have been built and installed in Nedcranes’ workshop. At the barge terminal location the old panels have been removed and the new panels have been placed in the existing E-house. The PLC control of the entire crane has been renewed, for which is chosen for a Siemens PLC control. New Schneider frequency inverters have been installed with an energy recuperation unit, which makes the crane more energy efficient. Furthermore, the overload installation and the encoders have been renewed. Additional, the crane has been equipped with new cabling and a new festoon system with noise reducing wheels.

Barge Terminal Tilburg serves as an ‘extended gate’ for the Port of Rotterdam and there are several sailings each day between Tilburg and Rotterdam. Waiting times and additional costs for the loading and unloading of containers are avoided thanks to our efficient hitching and unhitching system. With two container cranes, operating entirely to the latest state of the art after modernization, the efficiency of container handling has been further increased. By placing the responsibility for periodic maintenance with Nedcranes, the risk of downtime will be reduced and in case of an unexpected malfunction Nedcranes will be 24/7 available for service. This crane modernization gives GVT more capacity in Tilburg to offer their customers full service services like they are accustomed to.

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