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Innovative customization for higher transport capacity on trimodal level

The general strength of this crane-type:

  • Optimal usage of space due to high precision storage management;
  • Shorter waiting periods for ships, trains and trucks;
  • Economically responsible load-/unload-charge;
  • Favourable maintenance costs;
  • High robustness due to market desired customization;
  • Low noise to surroundings;
  • High processcapacity due to 24/7 service, 52 weeks a year.
Box girder

The classic closed construction mostly seen in rail terminals! The closed girders of the crane give a lot of possibility for docking markings on the structure. Finds many applications within container handling on rail terminals.

Lattice Girder

The open girder achieved by means of complex lattice structures is more efficient in use due to savings in construction steel. A suitable model for transshipment of goods within the intermodal circuit!


Hinged Lattice Girder

Identical construction techniques as its smaller size, only this crane achieves longer distances due to the hinging mechanism, a good application for handling sea containers in larger ports!



The intermodal crane

The modulair system for container terminals:

Transporting goods over land and sea is on the verge of becoming increasingly more important, companies far from open waters require inland transport. This transport is done by ships, freight trains or trucks. Steep increasing market behaviour requires bigger transport capacities, ideally transporting through water and rails to relieve from open-road traffic insecurities. Equipping your container terminal with state-of-the-art systems to encourage transport over water and rails is essential.

Nedcranes steps in to listen and act on the current need for higher capacities and offers the intermodal crane. A crane that can fulfill the need to transfer goods in the trimodal model from ship to ship, train or truck. This modular system can be equipped to be a solution in both your bulk and goods/cargo handling. We offer the intermodal system in two variants, the enclosed construction know as the box girder and the open construction also known as the lattice girder.

What exactly makes this intermodal system the optimal solution for my container terminal?

Nedcranes acknowledges the lattice girder construction based on these pros:

  • Higher processcapacity due to the optimized mass of the system;
  • With increasing prices for utilities, the lattice girder lowers emission costs for you;
  • Longevity of the system has been proved due to the mechanically optimized girder;
  • Mentioned pros equal lower commission prices.
Maximize efficiency

The intermodal system earns its renown were dynamic and efficient loading/unloading is desired. The equipment of the system fully ables the operator to handle cargo from sea to sea, land or train. If required the system can be equipped to handle general cargo and bulk, handling type work interchangeably.

The lattice girder compared to its brother is a bit thinner, it is able to manage the terminal more accurate. The height of the customized construction helps stacking heigher towers of goods. The higher stacks take less surface space of the terminal, faster load plans are assured.

High windspeeds are the a counterpart of high transport capacities, but the lattice girder with its open construction suffers less from these high windspeeds. The nominal speed of the lattice girder is higher then its brother. The speed of the lattice girder results in the following three properties:

  • Crane travel up to 120 m/min;
  • Trolley travel up to 180 m/min;
  • Hoisting speed up to 80 m/min.

As part of the package we equip the intermodal system, both box and lattice girder with state-of-the-art soft-/hardware. The software gives inside on general performance of the crane. Built-in remote control for fast and discrete troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

Owning a Nedcranes system

For us working consistent and delivering the highest achievable quality is key. Everyday our engineers combine their knowledge and devotion for cranes. Working according to standardized norms to achieve high quality and ensuring optimized safety for our systems. Interested in one our solutions or you want to know more about us as company and our services. Feel free to contact us!

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