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Additional to inspections we
can also test your equipment

Approved equipment:

  • increases reliability and safety;
  • improves operational availability;
  • reduces the possibility of downtime.

Prevent downtime, increase safety

A badly-maintained crane installation is less reliable and more prone to malfunctions, resulting in a shorter, or in the worst case, a longer period of downtime. Also the safety could be at risk. Of course this is something you prefer to avoid. Therefore it is highly recommended to have your crane installation checked on regular basis.

A test or survey, more than a visual assessment

With a test or survey we go much deeper than at an inspection. Testing your equipment is more than a visual assessment. We research and test your installation on construction level to provide you with a clear insight in the state and safety of your crane installation. We follow the generally applicable legal regulations and guidelines, as outlined in the Health & Safety (ARBO) Information Sheet AI-17 (lifting and hoisting equipment).

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