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port cranes, overhead cranes & gantry cranes

Used lifting cranes

NEDCRANES is seller, buyer and broker in used lifting installations of different manufacturers, such as:

  • Container cranes
  • Grab cranes
  • Shipyard cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Overhead cranes
  • Mobile harbour cranes

But also other lifting equipment, such as spreaders for example.

We are always looking for used electric/hydraulic grabs, gantry cranes and container cranes to buy for our relations!

Give a lifting crane a new productive life

Used port or process cranes are often still very well usable. With some modifications and/or a modernization these lifting cranes often comply with current standards and requirements again. This can be a very attractively priced alternative for buying a new lifting crane.

In case of a mismatch between the crane specifications and your requirements, NEDCRANES can adjust the lifting installation for you. Would you like to get a better insight in the specifications and the condition of the used crane? Then a buying or selling inspection by NEDCRANES can be very helpful.