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Regular inspections

essential for safety and operational reliability

NEDCRANES uses a special checklist for inspections and surveys:

  • possible loss of production;
  • necessary repairs or replacements;
  • safety;
  • environment;
  • priority of the issues found in the inspection.

Prevent malfunctions

A badly-maintained crane installation is less reliable and more prone to malfunctions. If a lifting crane is part of an operational process, a malfunction may quickly cause a short or longer production stop. Scheduled inspections and/or tests will not only improve the reliability of the crane, also its safety will be increased.

Any defect which may have short-term or long-term negative effect on the safety and/or reliability of the crane installation will be marked with colour codes in the subsequent reports. Each item will include recommendations, so an well-considered decision can be made on repairing or replacing.

Furthermore, in consultation with you we will draw up an action plan focusing on the priorities identified in the inspection. This way we can fully unburden you. A next step could be to enter into an inspection or maintenance contract.

You can also contact us for NEN3140 inspections, thermography, an inspection for purchase or sale. Please feel free to call us for an appointment or advice, without obligation.