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You can contact NEDCRANES for the supply and installation of crane rails, rail clamps and floor mats. Both new and used. Most cranes travel on A45, A55, A654, A75, A100, A120, A150 rails or the variants MRS87A (PRI85), MRS125, MRS221. The American sizes CR104, CR105, CR135, CR171 and CR175 are also available. For example, some cranes travel on train tracks S49 or block rails.

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Parts, services and work, advice
NEDCRANES supplies parts and takes care of the mounting, but we can also be of advice for you.
Our specialties are measuring and checking the laying of the rails according to the standards NEN2019 and we perform welding, grinding and milling work to the rails. For example, we are regularly working on the repair of trolley rails which are damaged at the container crane transitions by travelling. In most cases the surface will be adjusted first to provide a good basis. Then they will be processed or filled with the right material. Adjusting the transition pieces or supplying new ones is also regular work for NEDCRANES.

Lubricating sticks:
NEDCRANES also supplies lubricating sticks containing a carbon brush or grease cartridge for wheel flanges, crane buffers or complete trolley traversing and travelling drives, but also transport cars or mobile roofs.