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Give your crane a second life

Advantages of a modernization:

  • Increased crane capacity and speed;
  • Extended service life;
  • Optimization of the installation’s safety;
  • Improved ergonomics for crane operator’s workplace;
  • Compliance with modern safety standards and directives;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Improved availability of the installation.

Consider a modernization

Modernization or retrofit of existing cranes can be profitable! Old(er) cranes can still last for some time, provided that they are brought up to the state-of-the-art drives and control systems. NEDCRANES modernizes existing drive, operating and power supply systems to increase efficiency, safety and reliability.

Benefits of a modernization

After a modernization, the crane installation will be fully operational again according to the most recent safety standards and guidelines. The crane gets an improved availability. The crane capacity and speed will also be increased (50% faster hoisting and lowering movements than by older cranes). An upgrade or refurbishment will increase your productivity! Safety will be optimized, for example, with zone or obstacle protection.

A modernization considerably extends the service life of the crane and also has a beneficial effect on maintenance costs. For the crane operator, modernization will mean an (ergonomic) improvement of the workplace by means of newe control chair and cabin if needed.

Crane automation

It is also possible to automate existing cranes, both fully and semi-automatically.

If the crane is semi-automated some manual operations are still possible. In case of a full automation, the crane is pre-set and will perform all operations itself. This may be preferable in hazardous working conditions, or with operations that requires a certain accuracy or with difficult or repetitive lifting operations.

Communication with higher-level systems or databases will be handled with Profinet communication.

Rest lifetime research

To determine whether a modernization or / and an automation could be interesting for your crane installation, can be examined and calculated by us in advance with a rest lifetime research.

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