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NEDCRANES can deliver different parts for your lifting crane, process crane or transport system of various types and brands. We supply new parts, but also used parts that can be perfectly reused after cleaning. Furthermore, we have the knowledge and skills to produce certain parts ourselves. You can contact us for electrical and mechanical parts and also for drives, lifting equipment, power supplies and cabins.

If you are interested in crane components we offer components various hall cranes, as overhead cranes, jib cranes and gantry cranes. NEDCRANES is dealer of products from the standard range of the well-known brand GH Cranes & Components in the Netherlands.

Spare parts

NEDCRANES delivers all kind of spare parts. Check our spare parts overview to see if we can be of service to you:

For more information about specifications or prices, please contact us. If you are looking for a not listed part, please call or email us. We can arrange a lot.

Spileindschakelaar profinet absolute encoder


NEDCRANES supplies many different electrical parts for cranes. We also provide parts and systems for other drive systems, both standard solutions or customized solutions. Also older drive systems like DC drives, Slipring drive, DC injection, frequency drives.


Lifting equipment

NEDCRANES supplies various types of hoisting equipment such as spreaders, grabs and hoisting beams. You can also contact Nedcranes for individual parts.



NEDCRANES can usually supply you with drives for cranes, transport systems or other machinery. We supply planetary gears, conical gears, worm wheel gears, gearboxes or complete systems with drive pinions, wheels and even frequency controllers.

cabine behuizing


Contact NEDCRANES if you need a control cab, crane cab, driver seat or joysticks (i.e. controllers)! NEDCRANES can also provide solutions for silencing systems or adapting the cab operating system.

Power supply

NEDCRANES supplies solutions and individual parts for cable carriers, current collector, sliprings, slipring units, carbon brushes, cable drums, etc.



In addition to drives, brakes and power supply systems, Nedcranes also supplies other crane parts such as wheels, gears, drive pinions, bearings, bearing bushes and construction parts.