Refurbishment storm brakes Noell coal excavation installations

After a disassembly and an extensive inspection, the storm brakes of the coal excavation installations at OBA Amsterdam have been overhauled, assembled and re-commissioned. This way these installations can safely pass through the winter again and no damage can be caused by uncontrolled travelling. The Noell coal diggers are therefore reliable during production.

NEDCRANES takes care of:

  • Performing inspections and inspections;
  • Performing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical repair work;
  • Modernizing outdated drives and safety equipment;
  • The installation again complies with the current safety standards and guidelines;
  • Buying and selling used cranes;
  • The supply of parts for old(er) and new crane installations of all types and brands;
  • Providing advice and consultancy in the field of hoisting equipment and cranes.